Redefining Identity Verification in Africa

CarbonIVS is the most advanced and comprehensive Identity Verification System in Nigeria, helping businesses maintain KYC compliance, fight fraud and onboard customers faster.

Verify BVN, Passport, Drivers License, Voters ID, National ID (NIN) and NIMC Slip
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Applying AI to Identity Verification

We use the latest technologies in Data Science and Machine Learning to generate a well detailed insight into the Identity of a verified individual

Personality Profile Reports beta

With customer approval/consent, CarbonIVS data analysis engine will be able to generate an estimated Personality Profile report for an individual and send it to the requesting organization.

Verify Photo with Facial Recognition beta

Curb impersonation and detect fraud faster by intelligently verifying the photo of an applicant against that retrieved from credible government databases using Facial Recognition technologies.

Automate KYC using Dynamic Forms beta

No need to build your own KYC portal, you can use CarbonIVS to generate a Dynamic Form for collection and automatic verification. Think Google forms, but for Identity Verification.

Why CarbonIVS?

CarbonIVS was created to specifically help businesses comply with Anti-Money Laundering and KYC obligations. We help businesses with risk mitigation, fraud prevention, compliance and more. Looking for a complete Identity Verification Service? You're at the right place.

Complete & Feature Rich

We are a world class Financial Services company and know the ever endless hassle involved in Verifying Identities in Nigeria. This is what we are solving.

90% official national data

We are connected to almost all the official government databases in the country spanning over 120m records. We are currently the most comprehensive Identity Verification System in the country.

Dashboard and API access

No engineers? No worries. We provide a fully functional dashboard that you can log on to perform search and verification. Want custom features instead? You can use our verification REST APIs.

Photo ID Verification

Build miltary grade authentication into your apps. You can now verify a selfie or a photo against an issued Government ID. We are the only platform that can fetch an ID photo on official government database.

Dynamic Form Creation

Have field agents collecting KYC info and need a quick way to verify them? Create a Dynamic KYC form and send to your agents. It works like Google forms, but for verifying identities.

Resilient Risk Mitigation

In today’s hyper-connected global society, eliminating risks and fraud is paramount to your success. Using CarbonIVS, you can ennhance your fraud detection capabilities in real time.

Faster Compliance

Meet your KYC compliance obligations faster. Regulators are becoming more strict with KYC compliance mandates. Don't be found wanting.

Built with developers in mind

Integration has never been easier. Customize CarbonIVS to your needs by integrating our APIs into your existing infrastructure

Get code examples and more information on using our robust APIs, Read the docs

POST /v1/verify/ HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic xyhsgsjgshs==
Content-Type: application/json
cache-control: no-cache

  "identification_number": "A12345678",
  "identification_type": "Passport",
  "identification_dob": "1990-02-01",
  "identification_name": "Homo Sapien"
allprojects {
  repositories {
      maven { url '' }

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.github.User:Repo:Tag'


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Trusted by reputable brands

CarbonIVS is trusted by reputable companies spanning ride sharing, agency bankers, logistics, micro-finance banks, insurers and even government agencies